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Go Mobile With Your Credit Card Processing

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Mobile Credit Card Processing

As a business owner, the importance of accepting credit cards to boost your sales cannot be stressed enough. And now, technology has introduced an even more convenient and quicker way of accepting credit cards, the mobile credit card processing system, which can help boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Here are 7 ways a mobile credit card processing will help you increase sales:

Elegant Technology

The hardware for mobile card reading is a compact, plastic card-swiping device that needs to be plugged to a smartphone or tablet. There is no need to get an old-school and expensive credit card processing terminal.

Integrate Incentive Programs

One of the major benefits of mobile payment options is the ability to offer loyalty and incentive programs to customers. Instead of the hassle of punching cards or key ring tags, customers will have all their information stored in the app each time they make a payment using their mobile device. When payment is directly linked to points or other loyalty programs, customers are encouraged to return, which increases sales.

Increase Security

When a customer swipes a credit card for mobile payment, only he/she can see all the information required to make the transaction. The information is transferred digitally, eliminating the need to write anything down. This protects the customer’s sensitive information from prying eyes.

Increase Checkout Speed

Payment is the least favorite part of a customer’s shopping experience – they want to get done with it as fast as possible. Mobile credit card processing is quick and easy, which means that every second saved on finalizing a sale can be spent making another. With a speedy checkout system, your business can accommodate more customers in a shorter span of time, which will translate into higher revenue.

Lower Cost

The fee for card-present transactions is generally lower than that for card-not-present transactions. An added benefit of this is that some mobile payment companies might charge less per transaction than credit card companies. This means greater savings for your business.


If you have a seasonal business or are just establishing one, using mobile credit card processing will be perfect for you. You will not be bound by a monthly contract with service and equipment charges, which you might not even use on a daily basis.


This is the most obvious benefit of mobile credit card processing – your POS is wherever your customer is.

So whether you’re looking to save money, speed up transactions, or just want to enhance your customer’s security, mobile credit card processing offers a number of advantages to help your business.


Go Mobile With Your Credit Card Processing

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