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Good Credit Cards for College Students

Good Credit Cards for College Students

Credit Cards for Students NerdWallet

Who knew that credit cards could be so rewarding? With a college student credit card, you can earn awesome perks and rewards on money you’d spend anyway. Plus, having a student credit card can help establish your credit score, which will be helpful down the road. The thought of graduation is scary enough arming yourself with a great credit score is a sure fire way to start your post-grad life off on the right foot.

With a student credit card, you won’t need a cheat sheet to know how to get all the best rewards. These cards payback on common student expenses like textbooks, restaurants, and even music! Take a look at Nerd Wallets top picks for the best student credit cards.

Like its adult counterpart, the Discover it for Students offers 5% cash back on a broad range of categories, up to $1,500 spent a quarter, plus an unlimited 1% cash back everywhere else. But what sets the Discover card apart from other student cards isn’t what it has, but what it doesn’t: No penalty interest rate, and a waived first late payment fee. Look, you’re in college, you do some dumb stuff sometimes – it’s nice to know your rates won’t be jacked up if you miss your first-ever credit card payment. As an aside, if you’re going to study abroad, the Discover it might be a good traveling companion: Though it’s only accepted in certain countries, the card has no foreign transaction fee, which can set you back 3% of whatever you spend overseas.

Like pizza and beer? Of course, you do. Then the Citi Forward card is the answer to all your student spending needs. You’ll get 5 Thank You points for every $1 spent on entertainment and at restaurants (yes, that includes bars and fast food). You’ll also get 1 Thank You point for every $1 spent elsewhere.

Some people say that credit cards are bad and college administrators shouldn’t allow credit card companies to come on campus. Credit card companies are predatory and college students aren’t capable of making…Students Credit Cards The Good The Bad The Ugly Student

Credit cards are tempting. The perpetual state of being a broke college student seems never-ending and having a credit card offers temporary relief until the end of the billing period. But many people don’t think that far ahead. Although guilty pleasure purchases like cute new I think once you reach college it’s a good idea to have ONE credit card and to make sure you fully understand the rules and rates that go along with it. Making small purchases like food…College students too young for credit cards Vidette Online

I always advise parents when the student is going off to college unless you’re 100 percent sure they’re responsible the first credit card that student should have is yours says Mike Sullivan director of education for taking Charge America…Credit Card Help 10 ways students can build good credit


Good Credit Cards for College Students

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