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The Top 2 Mobile Credit Card Processing Services Compared

Credit Card Processing Services

The Top Mobile Credit Card Processing Companies

Previously complicated and tedious, making and accepting credit card payments is a process that has been made cheap and easy via mobile services. With a multitude of apps present in the market for smartphones and tablets alike, the hard part is no longer the how-to of the service itself but rather which service to choose.

Let’s take a look at the top two recommended mobile credit card processing services.

Leaders Merchant Services

Being an independent sales organization, Leaders Merchant Services offers some of the best mobile credit card processing. It provides a merchant account and access to payment gateway to the client.

  • Pricing: Advertising the lowest rates of only 1.55% on credit and 0.35% on a debit card, no startup, customer services, application or statement and only a few service charges that are incurred from give it good value for money along with high annual savings.
  • Compatibility and Hardware: While the mobile app is specifically designed for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), it is still possible to use it with other mobile services like Android. While adequate, they are not as impressive as the original iOS app. Leaders are not compatible with Blackberry services.
  • Transaction Features: The iPhone app accepts all the major credit cards and processes the debit card transactions. By providing an email address, a digital receipt of the transaction may be given to the customer along with allowing the customer the option to add a tip by actual amount or percentage.

Flagship ROAMpay Merchant Services

Certainly, the most talked about service available, Flagship Merchant Services, which partners with ROAMpay, is said to be the service to choose with an application approval rate of a staggering 98%.

  • Pricing: Receiving the highest grades on the pricing front, the Flagship ROAMpay does not have any charges to apply. With a monthly fee of only $7.95 and a $0.19 per transaction fee it is cheap, gives maximum annual saving and does not incur any additional service charges from The best pricing package available.
  • Compatibility and Hardware: Compatible with Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Blackberry it is one of the few services that will work on any mobile device.

The hardware is small, compact and plugs in easily into the headphone jack of all the phones making it convenient to store and use.

  • Transaction Features: Being entirely focused on ease of use, Flagship accepts payments from American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover along with recording cash transactions. Handling debt as well as credit transactions, and the ability to accept every major credit card makes it wildly popular. The cake, you can conduct transactions offline without worrying about credit card theft or stolen data as the virtual terminal is fully password protected. All in all an excellent choice for credit card processing.

The Top 2 Mobile Credit Card Processing Services Compared


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