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Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card – Is the Card worth it?

A Fortune 500 company, one of the largest sporting goods and retail corporation in all of America, Dick’s Sporting Goods is a store that you’ve come across often. If you’ve shopped there then you must know how overly enthusiastic all their employees are; always pitching you their credit card while promoting their products. Sure, these are signs of a great employee but it can be increasingly annoying to be repeatedly, however covertly, asked to apply for a credit card when you aren’t looking to get one.

In the rare case that you are in the market for one and are wondering if the Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card is worth it, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to talk about all things Dicks Sporting Goods credit card to help make your decision just that tad bit easier. The Dick’s Sporting Goods:

  • Have two credit card options; the Dicks Sporting Goods Store Card and the Dick’s Sporting Goods MasterCard
  • The Dick’s Sporting Goods credit cards are serviced by GE Money Bank for all its customers
  • Has a signup promotion of 10% off of your first in-store purchase
  • Give Birthday Bonus of 3× points during your birthday month
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods MasterCard is usable at all places where a MasterCard credit card is accepted
  • Gives 1 point per dollar spent in-store
  • Gives 1 point per every three dollars spent elsewhere
  • They have a no interest charge promotion on a limited-time basis.
  • Charge an APR of 23.74% as stated on the card agreement
  • Has a late fee penalty charge of up to $35

The above-stated details are easily available anywhere online. Here is some additional information that a Dick’s Sporting Goods employee sure isn’t going to give to you:

  • If you apply solely for the no interest promotion, don’t assume you will automatically get signed up for it. You need to call the Customer Services to have them register you for it.
  • Customer Services offered is run by the GE Capital Retail Bank, which issues and manages the Dick’s Sporting Goods accounts. They quite possibly have the worst reputation for Customer Service management anywhere.
  • The reward points redeemable are not only confusing they also don’t amount to much. For every 300 points, you get 10% off which means you are earning less than 1% on the bulk of your shopping.
  • An important thing to mention here about redeemable reward points is that you do not necessarily have to sign up for a Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card to earn these points. You can earn them by signing up for Dick’s Scorecard which is nothing more than a customer loyalty program.
  • You don’t get to choose which one of the two versions of their card you sign up for. The one you get depends on the quality of your credit and your past credit history and score.
  • The 23.74% in addition to the prime equals to 26.99% APR. That is possibly one of the highest interest rates in the market.
  • The Penalty APR on the Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card is 29.99%, the highest allowed by law.
  • There is a minimum $2 interest charge if any interest is owed at all
  • 4% fee of transaction amount on all balance transfers

And there it is, everything you need to know about the Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Cards. The only reason it makes any sense applying for one is if you are a truly loyal customer of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores. Otherwise, the Dicks Sporting Goods credit card is hardly worth their exorbitant APR’s.


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