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Intuit Credit Card Processing For Business Professionals

Intuit Credit Card Processing

Intuit credit card processing is a great way for finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and business people to acquire payment processing services online so that they can manage, automate, and process their transactions much more effectively. With Intuit, these professionals can get access to a payment gateway that is online and extremely easy to implement. Apart from the ease that is provided, intuit is also highly affordable and reliable.

Benefits and Features of Intuit Credit Card Processing

The Intuit credit card processing gives its customers transaction fees that are extremely fair, set up fees that are low, and integration with QuickBooks and Websites that is very simple to do. This makes the service extremely ideal for web retailers and startups.

However, one thing that users need to keep in mind is that they are required to have the Intuit software like the QuickBooks, without which they will not be able to utilize the useful and special features that the service offers.

Whether you use Intuit with QuickBooks or without them, the processing method gives great benefits to merchants, and with Intuit, they will have everything they need to get access to a payment getaway and carry out all of their business transactions online.

The Intuit rates are really good for the merchants who happen to have a moderate amount of sales. The transactions that happen with Discover, MasterCard, or Visa, can enjoy discounts of about 2.44% with a transaction fee of $0.27. The monthly fee is also very low. This is about $19.95 every month.

Client Support

The Intuit Merchant service provides great client support. The team will help you identify compatibility issues with your website (if any) and the will also recommend the best shopping cart software. Once you have become a long term and an established client, Intuit will continue giving you customer support via email, chat, or telephone whenever you require it. The quick responses that they give are impressive, and the effort they put in to help their customers goes a long way, especially considering they make sure to send you material that is helpful, informative, and highly accurate.

With Intuit Merchant Services, Intuit credit card processing definitely becomes an easy and a great task to do. Along with the ease, the company also provides a fees structure that is highly reasonable, and a client support that is quick and helpful. All of this combined makes online transactions for business easy and without any hassle.

Want to know more about Intuit credit card processing? Why not give us a call or write to us? We would be more than happy to help you out and answer any of the questions that you might have. If you are a business looking to make your online transactions easier, you should find out more information on the various benefits that this will provide you.

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