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Ann Taylor Credit Card Great Choice For Formal Clothes

Ann Taylor Credit Card

Shopping Light: Know The Perks Of Your Ann Taylor Credit Card

With globalization paving the way to change in everything we do, from living to traveling, and now shopping, access to the world of luxuries are now increasingly in reach of the common man. And credit cards offer us all those luxuries, complete with all the bells and whistles. In addition to being a convenient alternative to cash, you can end up saving more with your very own Ann Taylor Credit Card!

Not convinced yet? Well, we’ve got plenty to unveil. Let’s take a look at what perks your credit card offers you when you’re out on a shopping spree!

Say No To Cash, Yes To Convenience

While cash has ever been the payment mode of choice when shopping, many individuals are now shifting to its very convenient counterpart, the credit card, and rightly so. There’s no risk of theft or loss, and you can enjoy shopping with your peace of mind intact.

How It Saves You Money…

Myth: You end up spending more with credit cards.

Fact: With the help of the benefits offered, as a shopper, you save more with value-added shopping benefits. In this fast-paced world, it is essential to becoming a smart spender. And on the issuance of this credit card, you make yourself a forerunner in the race of quick benefits and amazing discounts. How much do I save, you ask? How does 15% sound? Talk about saving money!

The Sweet Benefits Of the REWARDS…

We’re familiar with the reward system on the utilization of your credit card. Based on the similar principle, you earn great benefits on the points you earn:

  • You can get 5 reward points for every dollar spent, in-store or online.
  • You earn $20 reward card for every 2000 points earned.

On the usage of the card, you’re basically earning points that will assist you in your future shopping endeavors. So where can you avail all these benefits? Whether you’re shopping at Ann Taylor, LOFT, Ann Taylor Factory, Loft Outlet, or our online retail stores, you gain access to all the above-mentioned benefits and rewards.

Get A Birthday Gift!

Ann Taylor is your ideal spot for every shopping enthusiast. We’re passionate about shopping, and even more about our customer. As a gesture of appreciation, we offer you a $15 birthday gift in the month of your birthday.

If you’re ready for an ultimate shopping experience, consider issuing for your Ann Taylor Credit Card to become one of our exclusive customers.

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Ann Taylor Credit Card

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